Bookkeeping is arguably the foundation of good financial statements.

Statutory Audit

We approach your audit with a deep understanding of your business and the industry in which you operate.

Special Purpose Audit

When applying for grants or credit, you may be required by suppliers or relevant agencies to submit the documents

Compilation of Financial Stat

Whereas some companies may be exempted from the audit of financial statements, the Companies Act has not exempted companies from preparation of financial statements

PMFT Briefing

We worked together with Money Lenders Association of Singapore (MLAS) and Singapore Pawnbrokers Association (SPA) to create awareness of Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism (PMFT)

GST Filing

GST has been enforced since April 1994. Despite government’s effort to simplify the GST rules and regulations, the complexity inherent to the nature of indirect tax cannot be completely eliminated.

Payroll and CPF

Payroll and CPF can be sensitive issues in some companies because it may create discord among the employees and affect morale of the employees

Income Tax

While income tax service has traditionally been seen as a cost center by most, it has slowly established its position as an important aspect of Company’s operation

Corporate Secretary

Why do you need secretary if you can appoint yourself as one?

XBRL Preparation

XBRL filing is required if your company is non-exempt private company or is insolvent. Even for many professionals,


Many incorporated its companies in Singapore to have access to other countries in the region as well as to enjoy tax benefits.

Striking-off a Local Company

When enough is enough and you decided that it is time to stop, you may strike off your company or liquidate

Restoring Struck-off Company

When strike off is a wrong move and you decided to restore your Company or your customers’ company within 15 years from date of strike off, it is possible to apply.

Registered Office

Let’s face it; rental cost is expensive in Singapore. Many firms maintain a lean structure and work from home.

Software Development

They said now is the age of technology. The existence of technology has transformed how informations are processed and simplify operations.